Tuesday, November 24, 2009

20 Minute Challenge Birds Nest

Trough a painting friend of mine I became aware of a wonderful blog dealing with 20 minute challenges. Thi blog is named the Twenty Minute Challenge started by Katharine Cartwright, thank you Katharine. It is taking a lot of discipline to do these every day.  But once I have completed one I feel good. I am learning every day how to manage and do a small little painting or drawing in 20 minutes. I am also learning to draw from real life or what I see since no photos are allowed.  Yesterday on our daily walk I spotted this bird's nest in a tree.  Using only 4 colors  and a quick sketch  I completed this in 18 minutes.   As always I hope you enjoy my work and please comment.  Thanks for viewing.  


  1. Hi Nora...This painting has to feel very rewarding for an 18 min. effort! What a great way to learn & sharpen skills!!