Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Going To Party Fiesta

Good Morning
    Sorry I haven't updated this as much as I should but I will try harder. 
   This is the latest watercolor that I have done.  In our Painting Friends Forum we are learning the method of pouring.  I did do pouring a while ago but only with landscapes.  So this is my first using a photo of pears.  I really enjoyed doing this painting. I started with 3 colors, Cobalt Bl, Windsor Yellow and Grum. Red.  I masked the pears, then wet the paper and poured blue, then red. Let it dry completely removed masking fluid from the pears, then I used a straw to blow the masking fluid over the painting. When that was dry I wet the paper again and poured red first, then yellow on to the pairs. I followed by pouring more red,yellow and some blue. After it dried I used various other colors in the stem and shadows.  When I look at the painting I feel like dancing. And the song "All Night Long "comes to mind.  I really like this painting.  So I think if when you look at this and hum this song, you will enjoy it too.   Thanks for looking and please do comment.