Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine Award

Hi Everyone
   Today I received this lovely reward from Lyn O'Neal, thanks Lyn. This really made me feel good. Upon receiving this reward, I in turn will give it to 12 outstanding people.  Each of them are deserving reciprocates.

Ann Buckner
Christiane Kingsley
Cindi DeWeese
Susan Lacy
Desiree Habicht
                                                Deb Townsend
                                                Sharon Williamson
                                               Nora Kasten
                                               Stephie Butler
                                               Melissa Fischer
                                               Joan Sicignano
                                               Ross Lynem  

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blue Bottle with Lanterns

Happy Monday.  This is my latest oil painting that I finished over the weekend.  I'm very happy with how this one turned out.   I enjoy painting my blue bottles that I collect, and added a bowl of grapes (from Wet Canvas Ref Library) to the painting. I couldn't figure what to put in the bottle, then a light bulb went off and Chinese Lanterns came to my mind along with Honesty.  I actually worked really hard to get the right spacing in here, which I believe I acheived.  Next I really am enjoying how all the colors work with each other.  I hope all of you enjoy this painting.  Thanks for looking and hopefully you will comment.             Gallery wrapped Canvas  6"by 6"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Her Highness

Hi Everyone I thought I would share the finished painting from my oil class.  We all picked this photo of a female swan swimming in a pond at Brookgreen Gardens.  The one thing I did learn on doing this is how to start a painting from a photo. I also learned to use Liquin , so that we could work in layers.  The swan was the last thing we painted.  I am having a wonderful time interacting with the other artists and learning new painting tips from each. In fact I signed up for the next class starting in March.  This is on a 9"by 12" stretched canvas with various shades of oil paints.  I can't wait til its Spring again and the Azaleas are all blooming.   Enjoy and please comment.  Thanks for looking