Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine Award

Hi Everyone
   Today I received this lovely reward from Lyn O'Neal, thanks Lyn. This really made me feel good. Upon receiving this reward, I in turn will give it to 12 outstanding people.  Each of them are deserving reciprocates.

Ann Buckner
Christiane Kingsley
Cindi DeWeese
Susan Lacy
Desiree Habicht
                                                Deb Townsend
                                                Sharon Williamson
                                               Nora Kasten
                                               Stephie Butler
                                               Melissa Fischer
                                               Joan Sicignano
                                               Ross Lynem  


  1. Nora, thank you so much for this lovely award. Now I get to visit all the people on your list and enjoy their work too. :)

  2. hey nora thanks.. what a happy award... thank you for thinking of me. i'm honored!! will check out your other recipients too yippee!!!... love to see new blogs and all the yummy ideas..! thank you!!

  3. Thank you Nora. What a pleasant surprise for a Tuesday morning. Our mens hockey team is not doing so well so this makes up for it. Smile! I too will check out the other recipients.

  4. Many thanks, Nora -
    Just yesterday I removed several artist's blogs from my published list because of the time span between their posts but saved yours. Sure glad I did. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. Thank you so much Nora, a sunny surprise on a cold grey day here in the UK! I'll have fun looking through the other recipients blogs too.

  6. What a great surprise,Nora! Thank you. It is a beautiful, cheerful-looking award.