Friday, March 5, 2010

A Gull

   I have not been painting much these last couple of weeks.  It changed this morning when I checked our Painting Friends forum for our Friday Foto.  I believe I explained before that every Friday a new photo is posted for us to paint.  So thank you to my painting friend Bev for providing a photo of  a simple Seagull.  I kept this very simple with just wetting the paper and dropping in the paint. I left the background plain, with some of the color just bleeding off the bird into it.  I hope you enjoy him.  Please leave comments as I love to know what everyone thinks.  Also thankyou all for viewing.  


  1. This is simply pretty, Nora. Leaving the background white is genius. I'm trying to figure out how you've managed to still make that bird pop sine he is white too! I can so see this in a beachy themed home or room...or an inn on the beach...Sigh...Wisftul me...

  2. Nora, this little gull is beautiful. It would make a great, serene, note card. You achieved beauty through simplicity.

  3. Thank you Autumn Leaves and Christiane