Sunday, March 14, 2010

Robin Red Breast

                                                            Hi Everyone
       This is my next attempt for another wonderful challenge in one of the blogs I follow.  This is for Windows to the Words started by James Parker, thanks James I enjoyed painting this robin.  The day I painted this, there was an awful lot of robins in the backyard. I think all of them stopped for a rest here before they head North again.   Hopefully all of them made it and are safe.  As I type this there is one robin now in my bare Maple Tree.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful day and spots lots of robins, where you live.    Thanks for viewing and comments always appreciated.
   Watercolor on 140cp.


  1. Nora,
    Very nice! Wasn't it fun to place the highlight in the robin's eye? It makes him come alive.

  2. Gosh Nora, I recognized this little fella! A wonderful job you did and please let these guys bring the spring with them!!

  3. nora,
    nice painting...
    all the pictures in your blog are very beautiful and amazing...
    specially liked the blue bottle...
    the effect of transparency of the bottle is fantastic...

  4. Nora, your little robin is posted and linked and chirping happily on Windows to the Words Art. You did a marvelous job of painting him, but he's eating all my birdseed...but I have plenty more. Thanks for participating.

    See my vintage picture blogs: