Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saying Hello


   Here is the latest watercolor I have done.  It is from our Painting Friends Frifoto.  This photo was provided by a wonderful friend Desiree.
   To paint this I decided to try Laurel Harts 2 wash method, this is from her book, Putting People in Paintings.  I used 5 colors, on the first wash, Yellow Ochre, Carmine and  Magn. Bl. Let it dry, then on the second I used Yellow Ochre, Ultra  Bl and Trans Red Oxide.
  Thanks everyone for looking and if you like please comment.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi Everyone

I did this watercolor of this very contented tiger, I just couldn't resist.  This is the latest challenge in our own Painting Friends Friday Foto.  The beautiful photograph was taken by our friend Stephie.  This tiger is just basking in the sun and enjoying it ever so much. I wonder when Stephie took this if she could hear him purrrrrrrr.  I hope everyone feels this contentment when you view and please leave a comment.  I so like reading them.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Robin Red Breast

                                                            Hi Everyone
       This is my next attempt for another wonderful challenge in one of the blogs I follow.  This is for Windows to the Words started by James Parker, thanks James I enjoyed painting this robin.  The day I painted this, there was an awful lot of robins in the backyard. I think all of them stopped for a rest here before they head North again.   Hopefully all of them made it and are safe.  As I type this there is one robin now in my bare Maple Tree.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful day and spots lots of robins, where you live.    Thanks for viewing and comments always appreciated.
   Watercolor on 140cp.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Caravaggio's Fruit Basket

Good Morning Everyone.   I have decided to participate in some of the blog challenges.  This is from Follow the Masters  , thanks Michele. I haven't been doing that much in watercolor lately, so was surprised that I actually painted this.  But as I went along  I began to enjoy seeing how each color came together through the fruit.   Caravaggio is an artist from the Italian Renaissance Period.  Thank all of you for viewing and please I love to read your comments.    

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Gull

   I have not been painting much these last couple of weeks.  It changed this morning when I checked our Painting Friends forum for our Friday Foto.  I believe I explained before that every Friday a new photo is posted for us to paint.  So thank you to my painting friend Bev for providing a photo of  a simple Seagull.  I kept this very simple with just wetting the paper and dropping in the paint. I left the background plain, with some of the color just bleeding off the bird into it.  I hope you enjoy him.  Please leave comments as I love to know what everyone thinks.  Also thankyou all for viewing.