Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saying Hello


   Here is the latest watercolor I have done.  It is from our Painting Friends Frifoto.  This photo was provided by a wonderful friend Desiree.
   To paint this I decided to try Laurel Harts 2 wash method, this is from her book, Putting People in Paintings.  I used 5 colors, on the first wash, Yellow Ochre, Carmine and  Magn. Bl. Let it dry, then on the second I used Yellow Ochre, Ultra  Bl and Trans Red Oxide.
  Thanks everyone for looking and if you like please comment.


  1. Goodness, Nora! I always love your artwork (which is why I always visit and pretty much always comment!), and this piece is no exception. Not only is your watercolor style lovely, it is also a great mood I get from this piece. Nice job indeed!

  2. Nora, your choice of colors is super! I find painting figures very difficult, but you did a splendid job and make it look so easy. The figures look so natural in their surroundings...Good work!