Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Study of Mollie's Strawberries

In our forum one of our Painting Friends Mollie gave us a wonderful demo on how to do Strawberries in Watercolor.  This is my study from following her demo.   I am so grateful to her because it got me back into watercolors and actually enjoy doing them again.  I think I was a little heavy handed with the reds but otherwise I am happy with how it turned out.   I drew my berries smaller than the original photo so I had to add something in the lower right hand corner. It was a napkin but I didn't like how it showed so I changed it into a cloth with blue and red stripes.   I hope everyone is having a nice beginning to May.  Please stop by and view and if you'd like please comment.  Thank all of you for looking at this. 


  1. Really well done, Nora! I love your reflections on the plate!

  2. Gorgeous painting, Nora. It has a dreamy feel to it , which I adore xx