Friday, September 2, 2011

Cactus Land

 Good Morning to everyone.  I wanted to share one of the paintings I completed from a wonderful week I had in Florida.
 Our Painting Friends Forum got together in Florida last week.  All of us spent a whole week painting, dining and having a great time.  This painting is the result of a lesson taught by a wonderful artist and great friend from Texas, Mollie Jones.
 What a treat it was to watch her paint and follow her suggestions on how to do this painting.  Thanks Mollie again.
  I call this Cactus Land since it reminds me of the game Candy Land with all the happy, bright colors I used.  I hope this little painting brings a smile to all of you and brightens up your weekend.
  Thanks for viewing and I love comments.


  1. Gorgeous colours Nora! This will look great framed, a splash of summer heat :-)

  2. Reminds me of sherbet ice cream! A super fun piece, Nora!

  3. Hi Nora,
    It is so nice to meet you through Christiane blog. I visited her paintings today and found your gorgeous Cactus reference.
    What a beauty. Your cactus not only glowing from inside, it also is showing all the rainbow of the Nature's presence.
    So lovely!
    My dream is to paint cactus plants :)

    Have a great productive weekend!
    Irina Sztukowski

  4. Hey
    Thankyou Irina for your wonderful comments. This painting was done thanks to the teaching of a very special friend Mollie Jones.

  5. hey this looks familiar..and wonderful!! miss you roomie

  6. That's fantastic! I love all of the color!

  7. Hey Nora...thought I had been in here and commented on that fab cactus. It's all the colors you have thrown in there...and...wasn't it lots of fun. Great work.