Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Blue Mirror


   Well I thought I would share with all of you what our YOP ( Year of
Painting) was for October.  Thank you Ann  for providing the photo.  I am so happy with myself  for actually painting this, I don't usually do cars or trucks.  I spent  a whole afternoon just doing the truck with the different glazes of red and then the darks in the window and on the front. Completed the rest of tre painting the next day.   I did the background very undetailed because I wanted this truck to shine.  I named this Blue Mirror because when I finished and looked, the side mirror was blue. It shined in the photo because this is the love of who ever owns it, so it should shine in a painting too.  Please comment love to read them and thank you all for viewing this.


  1. nora this one just sings,, love everything about it.... miss yakking with you.. hoping to find a few minutes to play catch up, soon.. hugs

  2. absolutely gorgeous. There's as much love in your painting as on that mirror! xx

  3. I love old cars and trucks and could see why you painted this beauty. Really a wonderful job painting it. It is a real eye catcher. I usually paint landscapes, but once in a while I find an old truck or barn that calls out to be painted.