Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silver Pitcher and Rose

   This painting was done for the challenge in the RookiePainter's Blog    Thanks Jen for the beautiful
   photo you provided.  I thought this was a good one to do since in our Painting Friend's Forum we have
   been working on painting silver.  I really enjoyed doing this and am so happy with my plum.
   Hope everyone has a wonder Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    Thankyou all for coming in here and looking and commenting.


  1. Hello Nora,
    What a beautiful painting you made! I'm so curious how you managed to get the silver so beautiful. Would you like to reveal this secret to me? I would be very greatfull.
    My e-mail is: and my blogname is:


  2. chickie.. this is FAB.. all around... just a beautiful outstanding painting.... you have to be so happy with the results... the plum is PERFECT!!! bravo!!

  3. It's really a fantastic work.loved Delightful colors!

  4. Simply lovely to look at, Nora. That silver is painted so well and as always, you are the rose Queen.

  5. Stunning. That's the only word for it :) xx

  6. Beautifully painted. Love the soft rose against the silver! Lovely:)

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