Saturday, January 19, 2013

Egrets In Trees

  Well I am proud of myself because this is my third new entry into my blog this  January, so I am working toward becoming a daily blogger again.   This painting is from one of my photos of our trip to Magnolia Plantation outside of Charleston.  It was a beautiful summer day when we were there so I hope this shows it.
Thanks for looking in and love to read your comments.

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas 12" by 6"


  1. Lovely piece Nora, it looks like a quiet spot.

  2. Can hear the quiet in this painting, Nora. Love your work, no matter the medium. You are one talented artist!

  3. I just recently saw for the first time a tree full of egrets. Unfortunately I was in a car & was not able to get a photo. I totally understand why you were drawn to this subject, lovely painting!