Tuesday, September 15, 2009


 Here is a painting I did for our Painting Friends Forum.  A photo was provided and we were all to paint it in our own style. We then emailed them to a person who posted all of  them without any names.  The goal was to see how many we could recognize by just the style. I knew a wopping 4, it was harder than I ever imagined.  But it was also a lot of fun too. 


  1. Nora, your painting was one I guessed correctly LOL. I definitely recognized your style!

  2. Interesting concept...linking styles to names. Your painting turned out very well!

  3. Nora,
    I really love your sky, the water, and the nice variety you achieved on the rocks. Well done!

  4. Thankyou Ann I think several guessed mine.

    Dean thankyou

    Christiane I think my rocks gave it away.

  5. i guessed yours too, kiddo... the rocks kinda threw me, but the soft shading on the light house, was a dead give away!! wonderful painting!! it was fun huh??

    what trouble shall we get into next?? any ideas?