Wednesday, September 30, 2009

  I want to thank michelle at following the master blog...( I decided to join in on this challenge. For my portrait I picked one of my favorite artists.  I found a self portrait of Mary Stevenson Cassatt (May 22, 1844 – June 14, 1926)
I started with her hat and worked down.

This second painting is from a photo of her when she was older.  I used a very limited palette and used a small squirrel mop with no drawing.

I really enjoyed doing both of these since I really love all her work.


  1. Very, very nice, Nora! To go in without a drawing is brave. I like the saved whites of the second one, and those feathers crowning her hat.!

  2. Nora, I really like your delicate brushwork in the first painting. Your limited palette in the second was very effective. Congratulations.

  3. Thankyou Dean, Christiane and Megha