Friday, October 2, 2009

An Autumn Card

On the one forum I belong to, we have been exchanging Christmas and Easter Cards. This year we also included a card for the Autumn Season.  I sometimes struggle with a subject to paint. But once I thought of this, I really enjoyed painting it. My recipient received her card yesterday so I'm able to post this here. The person receiving my card this year was Desiree
(My Clothesline and Other Laundry Lists.)  I was happy to hear that my card made her Thursday less stressful and that she liked it.
This is a Strathmore Card size 5"by 6 7/8".


  1. Nora, how delightful for Desiree to receive this in the mail. You have really captured that beautiful Autumn sunlight!

  2. great fall colors.. wonderful painting.. lucky desiree!!!

  3. Nora, your watercolors are delightful and I'm glad to find you. It's always good to find another artist with our name. Were you named after your grandmother too?
    Nora Kasten

  4. Thanks Christiane,Cindi and Nora.

    My mom was going to name me Denise but her dad asked her to name me after his sister, who was still in Ireland. So Nora Denise

  5. Nora, I left this comment on my blog for you yesterday.
    "Nora, I hope you come back to my blog because I can't figure out how to leave a comment on yours again. I wanted to share with you that regular Turpenoid is good to use as turps with no odor. The Odorless Turpenoid on the other hand is almost deadly for me. Another thing is that I have worn garden gloves to paint in for several years now but for the last 3 months I'm using "Gloves In A Bottle". It's wonderful and no more gloves. I apply it 2 or 3 times a day and even though I get so much oil paint on my hands, it washes right off. My hands are always dry and I can't feel the lotion. I had received a sample with an art order from one of the art stores, tried it and went out and bought 5 bottles. It's that good. . . . . Nora"