Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playing in oil

 Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted lately. I have been doing little still lifes the last couple of days.  I have only recently started using water soluble oils and are still getting use to them.  One of the things  new to me besides the oils is the smallness of the canvases, both of these are 6"by 6", I have always used larger canvases.  On both of these I painted the canvas very dark from a mixture of  UB, Aliz. Cr, Sap Green, Cad Red and then worked out from this when it was dry.  I wish I could take better photos but camera won't cooperate. It  was sunny today so took both of them outside to photograph.  Still shows too strong whites.   Thanks everyone for looking.


  1. I really like these little oil paintings - they are very well done.

  2. Nora, these are very nice. I really like the pear.
    How do you find the water soluble oils?

  3. Thanks Barbara for your nice comment.

    Christiane I really don't know if I like them or not yet. I was going to get a book on this subject but the one's I found had a number of bad reviews. They are easier to clean up and not as much smell as in reg. oils. The one thing I noticed is they dry faster.