Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pale Pink Rose

Happy Thursday

I took another break from painting oils and did another rose in watercolor.   There is a certain pink that I see people use for painting roses.  However as hard as I try I can never seem to get this color down.  I used a photo of  Laura's Rose from Pilan ( Wet Canvas), thank you so much Pilan for this.  I used Scarlet Lake and a little Permanent Rose for the flower, but still not the pink I wanted.  However I do like the color and it doesn't go toward a rose or violet color which mine usally go to.  I started very light and worked up the color with many different layers.  I hope you like this rose as much as I did painting it.   Please stop in and let me know what you think.  I really appreciate everyone who looks and comments on this.    


  1. I think its a real beauty, Nora - and one to treasure xx

  2. It is beautiful, Nora. Love that bit of blue background on the left too!