Friday, February 11, 2011

Star Of The Show

Happy Friday
   This is the first painting I finished from attending a
Carolyn Gawarecki  workshop on Shadows in Paintings.

I learned a lot attending it and found her to be an amazing and interesting teacher and well as person.
For this painting we wet it completely then stapled it to gatorboard, after it dried I applied masking fluid  over all the area not to be shadowed. I then dropped in the shadows on very wet paper and let the colors mix together.  After the shadows dried I removed the masking and worked from there. 
Thank you Carolyn for such a well done workshop.   Let me know what you think and thanks everyone for stopping in.


  1. Lovely work Nora...Very interesting technique, although I'm not keen on masking fluid....but I do love the shadow work on this, love the colours you have in them too..

  2. That is a different approach, painting the shadows first. The painting is lovely and your shadows are excellent. Love the colors of the pear reflected in the shadow.

  3. Thankyou Stephie I'm not crazy about masking fluid either, I do have to work with it more.

    Ann thankyou I'm not sure on the pear but it turned out all right.

  4. Nora, well done! I love your shadows!
    Thank you for providing a link to Carolyn's web site - I did not know her work. Wow!

  5. A lovely still life, Nora. I too am surprised at the method. I like masking fluid myself but cannot imagine using so much of it in a piece! I'm not sure which would take longer - laying it down or peeling it off the paper! LOL

  6. Thankyou Christiane Yes she's a wonderful artist, person and teacher.I loved watching her paint.

    Thankyou Autumn Yes lots of masking but when it's done right ( which I have to practice) the results are stunning.

  7. lovely :D i never knew there was a masking fluid:) i think its not avaliable here in pakistan..hmmm.

  8. Thankyou Asma
    You may find it in an art catalog. I use Pebeo drawing gum.

  9. Shadows are a wonderful element and your painting is just gorgeous.

  10. Thankyou Ruth
    I checked out your blog and loved the all the sneakers. I remember when we polished our white ones.