Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Very Simple Rose

Hi Everyone, it's been a while since I've posted in here. I've been working on an oil painting for the last week. I finally finished it yesterday, so I decided to paint in watercolors.  I used a photo I had from Wet Canvas as a basis for this little painting.  I'm trying to get looser and use more water in this medium. I'm happy with this and feel for this moment this is as loose as I can get. But I will continue along this line.  I hope everyone enjoys viewing this and thank you.  I love reading your comments so please if you feel like it, leave one.    


  1. This is so beautiful. Love how you paint roses and light.

  2. Nora, the light on your rose is perfect!
    I hope that you will post your oil painting once it is finished.

  3. Nora - another beautiful rose painting. I really like your watercolors and hope you will post your oil painting too. What size is it and what is the subject?

  4. What a gorgeous piece, Nora. I just cannot master the art of loose. I so love the watercolors though. I keep trying, keep hoping that one day I'll be able to do them as you do and so many other watercolorists. There is just a look to them that I always seem to miss. I love your color choices and your beautiful rendering ability.

  5. Thankyou Ann, Christiane,Nora and AutumnLeaves.

    Nora the size of oil is only 9"by 12" and the subject is pansies and tangerines.

    Autumn I know what you mean about that look,I still can't acheive it yet as well as I would like.